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Volunteers With Antero Resources Make Improvements To City Parks

By Alina Voronenko | May 7, 2015 | 5 NEWS WDTV.com

A group of about 20 employees from Antero Resources went out to Stealey Park Thursday for some volunteer work.
They brought supplies needed to help revive the park which included painting, picking up trash, fixing basketball hoops and other little detail work that would improve the park. Volunteers say this was a good choice made by their company because the community really needs it.
"They toured a lot of parks around the area and thought this one would be the best one to make a little nicer for the community, and this is a smaller community with close walking distance to the park in a lot of these places so 
it's a perfect park to fix up," said volunteer Loriana Lafferty.
Antero Resources has been involved in other volunteer work and hopes to continue giving back to their communities.
To see the video from 5 News click HERE

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