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Letter to the editor: Pipeline could bring opportunity to state

By Jordan Covelli | June 15, 2015 | Charleston Daily Mail

I am writing in support of the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline. The gas pipeline is expected to run underground through eleven West Virginia counties and a few more in Virginia. 

This pipeline is a great opportunity for our state and region. Everyone knows that natural gas promises our state real, long-term economic and job opportunities. Those opportunities will expand if we can sell gas developed in West Virginia to other markets across the country, or even the world.

According to a recent economic benefit report by FTI Consulting, the development of the pipeline could result in more than $500 million in construction spending, 4,000 direct and indirect jobs, and more than $40 million in tax revenues for the state of West Virginia.

Our state has the least amount of people working than any other state in the nation, and the wages out hard-working, dedicated West Virginians earn are among the lowest in the nation.

But we can come together and make meaningful change. We need to embrace projects such as this pipeline that will help our state’s energy sector, create good job opportunities for our workers and contribute needed funds to our state and local governments.

This pipeline can help our state capitalize on the growing natural gas industry, grow our local economy, create jobs, and pay taxes to local governments which could be used to fund education, roads and highways and other very needed projects. 

I hope others will join me in supporting this pipeline project, as it is time to fight for our West Virginia workers.

Jordan Covelli

Charleston, West Virginia


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