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Letter To The Editor: Farm Bureau Supports Pooling Legislation

The State Journal | March 1, 2015

Pooling of oil and gas leases was discussed at a legislative hearing. Delegate Woody Ireland, R-Ritchie, chairman of this major House Energy Committee, was the moderator. Woody, a retired DuPont engineer, is well qualified to lead this committee.

Delegate Ireland has called meetings with various interested parties on pooling. These meetings have included surface owners, royalty owners, oil and gas producers and the Farm Bureau.

I feel there is a great need for pooling, for without it there will be many acres undeveloped thus leaving royalty owners and producers without income they would otherwise receive. Not considering the employment, this development would provide for taxes which would be generated from this oil and gas income.

Please find below part of a letter I have received from the Farm Bureau endorsing Delegate Ireland's 40-plus pages bill on pooling:

“West Virginia supports HB 2688, dealing with unitization of interest in drilling units in connection with oil and gas wells in W.Va. We commend Energy Chair Ireland for bringing key stakeholders together as a group multiple times to gain input. While the legislation does not satisfy anyone 100 percent, it is a step in the right direction. Our support for HB 2688 is built on the foundation that key components must remain in the bill.

“Policy approved by our member organization states: Farm Bureau recognizes the importance of private property rights in our society and supports the rights of land and mineral owners to negotiate freely with other parties, but recognizes that certain proposals for unitization for oil and gas extraction may create opportunities for Farm Bureau members which outweigh any objections to the process.”

“We feel the proposal for unitization reflected through HB 2688 creates opportunities for our members, while providing for their rights.”

Delegate Frank Deem, R-Wood

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