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Letter: Shale project will boost economic growth for years (Daily Mail)

Last week’s economic development announcement of a potential $84 billion investment is a game changer for West Virginia, Shale Crescent USA and the Mid-Ohio Valley.

The memorandum of agreement marks a number of monumental projects that will accelerate economic growth for the Mid-Ohio Valley for many years to come.

It is hard to express how exciting this is. The impact of this investment by China Energy Investment Corporation will have far-reaching implications, including additional investments from a variety of downstream industries.

We believe it was only a matter of time before an announcement like this occurred due to the advantages of our region: the shale crescent of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our advantages include:

some of the largest natural gas reserves in the country (the Marcellus and Utica Shales)

the lowest natural gas prices in the developed world

gas containing a high level of highly valuable natural gas liquids

access to the Ohio River for process and transportation that lowers manufacturing and transportation costs

a location within one day’s drive to more than 50 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations

a talented and skilled workforce, and an unsurpassed quality of life.Our organization, Shale Crescent USA, congratulates everyone involved in making this happen, including West Virginia Gov. Justice and Secretary of Commerce Woody Thrasher.

Successes like this give our people hope and encourage other companies to look at the Shale Crescent Region for expansion.

Greg Kozera


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