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Legislature Should Pass Pooling Bill

March 8, 2015 | The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Editor, News-Register:

The West Virginia Legislature has a tremendous opportunity this session to create more jobs, collect more in local and state taxes, and reduce the environmental impact of the shale gas industry. Passage of pooling legislation will help accomplish this.

Pooling will allow the shale industry to maximize gas development, leading to a greater need to build infrastructure and hire more people. The increase in production will lead to more taxes that will benefit local communities and the state as a whole.


Pooling is good for mineral owners. It will protect the rights of all owners of the resource and all owners within a unit will share in the development of the well. Also, owners of small properties will not be left out of the process.

Pooling will help prevent waste and promote efficiency in developing the gas, reducing the environmental impact and the disturbance to surface lands.

I urge legislators to pass House Bill 2688 and allow West Virginia's gas industry to continue to flourish here in the panhandle and across the region.

Grant Hickman


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